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The Flat-Coated Retriever Club of Illinois, has been formed with the intent of providing Illinois Flat-Coat owners with a regular schedule of supported entries, WC/X events, and other performance, education, and training events, as well as informal social occasions. A particular focus will be opportunities for education and camaraderie involving all Flat-Coat owners regardless of show or performance experience. The Club also welcomes participation from residents of other states.

Annual Meeting

Sunday, December 5, 2021 - 7:00pm - 8:00pm

The club's anuual meeting will be conducted via a Zoom conference.  Contact Cheryl Kistner for details.

2020 AKC ACE Award Winning Flatcoat

The AKC has announced the 2020 award winners Canine Excellence.  The winner in the Exemplary Companion Dog category is Tara a Flatcoat.  Click on the attached link to reach the AKC TV website.  In the Search box type "2020 ACE Episode 1" to watch the Exemplary Companion Dog video.  


Tailfeathers Deadline


The next newsletter deadline is October 10, 2021.  Send news, brags, pictures and announcements about your dogs to

Help Wanted - Technical Support

We are seeking technical support to assist with maintaining our FCRCI website.  Duties will include completing a system software upgrade, maintenance updates and website layout/design changes.  Also, would like training/consultation to become more knowledgeable and proficient with site administration.  Must be experienced with Drupal website software.  If interested or have any recommendations, please contact Don Konrath at


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