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Charlie - Flatcoat Hero

The following story is condensed from an article appearing in the November 2022 issue of Reader's Digest.

Charlie a flat-coated retriever and his owner were out for a walk in their hometown of Cornelius, N.C.  They heard what sounded like distress quacks of a duck swimming near an overflow drain located in the middle of a pond.  Across the street from the pond approximately 150' away a small crowd gathered by the drain's exit.  Apparently, five baby ducklings had been sucked in by the overflow drain and you could hear their frantic peeps.  Charlie approached the pipe's mouth that was less than two feet in diameter.  Charlie's owner started talking to him and instucted him, "Go and get the duckies."  Charlie peered into the opening and slowly entered the pipe.  Minutes later Charlie returned gently holding a duckling in his mouth.  Five times Charlie entered the tunnel and returned carrying a duckling to safety.  The onlookers cheered as the ducklings were reunited with mom.  What a good boy Charlie is!